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I’ve been pretty neglectful of Five Things Friday. FTF, it’s not you. It’s me. I’ve been lazy about taking baby bump pictures and doing a weekly update on Thursday morning, like I planned. So that gets bumped to Friday and then there’s just no time for FTF love. My apologies. But you got me back today (bc I’m now neglecting my baby update, and, essential, my fetus. See how that works?)

::confetti cannon::

Five Fictional Characters I Crush(ed) On But Shouldn’t

August once upon a time

Leather jacket? Check.

August aka Pinocchio – Once Upon a Time

He’s literally a boy made out of wood. But I don’t care. When he’s all human, August is haaawwwt. When he first comes on the scene, he’s all mysterious and stuff, with his secret typewriter and the stealing of Henry’s fairy tale book. And his back story shows us that he was quite the swindler and thief (August was DEFINITELY not selfless brave and true. He liked expensive things and fine women.) And when the spell is broken, he turns back into a man of wood. But even then, he’s STILL hot. His gruffy voice, maybe? But he does some good stuff (I’m a great writer) and turns back into a real, little boy. So now, I only have my memories. Because I can’t crush on a kid. (See #2)


Look at him, all topless! What a stud.

Alvin Chipmunk

Yeah, he’s a cartoon. And a child. Aaaaand an animal. But he sings! And he’s brave! And adventurous. He even knows how to pilot a hot air balloon. Like, what else do you even NEED?!

luke brower

Like a fine wine.




Luke Brower – Growing Pains

“Heather, who the HECK is Luke Brower?!” you’re asking me. I guess you forgot about a little show called Growing Pains. Luke is the teenager in Mike’s class who is homeless. He’s troubled, no doubt. I mean, he WAS found by Mike Seaver, living in a car. (I think that is accurate information, but apparently Google doesn’t remember much about Luke Brower, either.) His mom deserted him (Or went to jail? Died?) He was sarcastic and hard on the edges, but that was just a defense mechanism! He had to toughen up to survive the streets. He moved in with the Seavers and turned into a great kid. Then his dad, a trucker, came back to town and claimed him and the end. Also – HE WAS PLAYED BY LEONARDO DICAPRIO.


Aladdin is hot

My man works out.

So, yeeeeeaaah we’re back to cartoons. That’s fine. If you were born between the years 1985-1990 and you tell me that you didn’t have a crush on Aladdin, I’d call you a liar right to your face. First of all, let’s all stop to remember that the person who voiced Aladdin was Steve, DJ’s boyfriend from Full House. And if you were born between the years 1985-1990 and you tell me you didn’t have a crush on Steve from Full House, I’d call you a liar right to your face. Aladdin is the most charming of all the princes. Way more charming than Prince Charming (Who, coincidentally, isn’t that charming. At least not in the Disney movie.) Was Jasmine pretty sure he was trying to pull a fast one over her? Yup. Did she still go on a magic carpet ride with him? Heck yeah. Did Aladdin give bread to two starving children instead of eating it himself when he was also starving? Yup. Did Aladdin selflessly give up his last wish in order to wish Genie free? He did indeed. Aladdin is a damn good dude.

dexter opening credits hot

Utter hottness.

Dexter Morgan

Guys – he’s a serial killer. Legit kidnaps people, strips them down, straps them to a table covered in plastic, stabs them, chops up their body parts and then disposes of said parts in a bay in the middle of the night. So, I feel like it’s wrong to love him. But if lovin’ him is wrong …. you know the rest. He’s so charming, in the anti-charming, anti-hero sort of way. Plus, he only kills bad guys, so that works out pretty good, ’cause of my fear of bad guys and all. Also, his face at the end of the opening credits, amirite ladies?


Who’s your “I sooo shouldn’t crush on him but I totally do” character?

UPDATE: Congratulations to winner Amanda Sakovitz!

A couple weeks ago, I traded in my beloved iPhone4 (That’s right, I was still rockin’ a 4. That never would send text messages. Or open apps. Ooooor retrieve emails) for an iPhone5.  Now, the 4 and I had been through a lot together – it was there when we got engaged, it captured photos on our honeymoon and it shared pictures of our first sonogram. But alas, I had to move on (to something that worked).

As I sat at Best Buy, waiting for them to transfer over all of my stuffs, I took a look at the phone cases. As previously mentioned, I drop my phone approximately 3 – 9 bajllion times a day, so going without a case isn’t an option. But spending $30 – $40 on a generic, boring case isn’t an option, either.

Through Etsy, I came across Embellish Cases. These cases are personalized – everything from your monogram or name down to the colors – and run in at around $15.99 a case. Um, yes please! The cases come in plastic (which I chose) or silicone, in white or in black.

customized cheap iphone cases

Look at how modern and pretty these are!

All cases are handmade to order by Misty, the owner and founder.

cheap customized iphone cases monogrammed iphone caseMisty was awesome enough to let me pick out one to review. I’m been super into chevron patterns lately, so after MUCH debate, I decided to go with the Pink Chevron Bird Style. Misty customized the colors for me.

I loooooove this case. It’s super cute. And, in true Heather nature, I’ve already dropped it a few times and not a scratch anywhere to be found! For the price you’d pay in a box store to buy one generic case, you can buy two customized cases from Embellish Cases.

customized iphone case embellish cases etsy

Not only was I lucky enough to get a case, but one of my awesome readers can win one, too!

(**Rafflecoptor is a much easier way to do things but alas WordPress doesn’t wan’t to be friends with it, so I apologize for all the steps!)

You can earn up to five entries into this giveaway. Yay! You’re very lucky, I know.

(For every entry you complete, please leave a SEPARATE comment letting me know you did it. That way, you’ll get all of your entries!) The winner will be chosen by random.org on Friday August 16th. I’ll be contacting the winner via email, so make sure to leave a valid one!


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PINKY promise this won’t turn into a “mommy blog”. Buuuuut, every week most weeks , I’ll be doing these updates. If they bore you, feel free to go ahead and wait for the next post. But you probably shouldn’t skip these, because we all know how funny I am and, also, Discovery Channel is live in my body RIGHT NOW! Don’t you care about science?!

week 16 pregnancy sizeWeek: 16 – Baby is the size of an avocado

What baby is up to this week: Get ready for a growth spurt. In the next few weeks, your baby will double his weight and add inches to his length. Right now, he’s about the size of an avocado: 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces. His legs are much more developed, his head is more erect than it has been, and his eyes have moved closer to the front of his head. His ears are close to their final position, too. The patterning of his scalp has begun, though his locks aren’t recognizable yet. He’s even started growing toenails. And there’s a lot happening inside as well. For example, his heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, and this amount will continue to increase as your baby continues to develop.

Food cravings and aversions: I still wouldn’t turn down a Friendly’s quesadilla, although I haven’t had one since last time. As previously mentioned, I’m into donuts, although I’m trying not to be. No real food aversions anymore. Well, I still can’t look at raw chicken, but once my lovely husband cooks it for me, I can eat it.

Baby items purchased/received: Not much this week. A couple pairs of feety jammies, which are incredibly precious. And Aunt Linda bought Baby S. a bedtime book about mama and baby animals, which is so cute and thoughtful.

Favorite moment: Man, the last couple of weeks have been pretty lame, I guess. I’d say that it was feeling some flutters, but I’m still not positive I did. It may have been gas. But I think it was the baby. But also, possibly gas. I will keep you updated on both the movements of our tiny human and my flatulence.

Thoughts: That this baby is going to be born and will come home and live at our house and omg our house isn’t ready for a baby! We’re working on putting together a calendar of projects we want to complete, including: cleaning up the basement, hanging cupboards up in our spare bedroom for our linens (they’re currently in the dresser that will be the baby’s), a pseudo-bathroom remodel upstairs (which includes a paint job, adding a new vanity and fixing up the tub) and possibly painting the baby’s bedroom based on the gender (We should find out the beginning of September. The room is currently a lilac so if we find out we have a little lady moving into our house, the room may stay that color.)

(I didn’t do a 15 week (a navel orange) update because not much has been going on around these parts. My little, teeny tiny bump has pretty much stayed the same since week 14. I’d like to believe that at this point in the pregnancy, status quo is a good thing, but what do I know?)

In the customer waiting area of my office, there is a fabulous coffee machine. Fresh donuts make their appearance next to it every morning. For the last week or two, I’ve been craving donuts but haven’t wanted to waste the calories or money on them.

I'm not currently eating this.

I’m not currently eating this.

Just now, I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee (and yes, I am well versed on the amount of caffeine a pregnant woman can have but thanks anyways). I began eyeing the donuts and, in particular, the last Boston cream. Employees are not particularly encouraged to eat these donuts, but who would yell at a pregnant lady for sneaking one? So, as my cup of coffee is brewing, I’m waiting for this elderly woman (probably in her late 70s-early 80s) to pick a donut and then move on with her life. She’s eyeing the jellies and all old ladies love jelly donuts (fact), so it never crossed my mind that she would pick up the Boston cream. SHE PICKED UP THE BOSTON CREAM. “Curses!” I thought. I then watched her unfold a napkin, put the donut in the napkin and began wrapping it up to put in her purse. “Well, that’s pretty precious of her. I’ll let go of the hatred I would typically incur from such an encounter, move on from the Boston Cream and snag that last apple cinnamon cider donut,” I thought to myself. The old lady placed the Boston cream in her bag — wrapped up tight to ensure protection from purse lint and starlite peppermints — AND THEN SHE PICKED UP THE APPLE CIDER DONUT AND BEGAN WRAPPING IT. “What the f, lady?! Stop taking all my donuts. MY BABY WANTS A DONUT!” I wanted to yell but I didn’t because 1) old lady 2) This is all occurring at my place of employment. Now, there is only a bunch of powered jelly donuts left (obviously because nobody wants those) and ONE twisted, glazey guy. The woman begins to walk away, then turns around and BREAKS THE TWISTED GLAZED DONUT IN HALF. She begins munching on her half as she goes to sit down. Man, I was so mad.

I'm also not currently eating this.

I’m also not currently eating this.

This is quite literally the worst morning of my life!*** *** That line is funny because I hate when someone says something was “literally” a thing, but it wasn’t LITERALLY that thing. Guys, I’ve had worse mornings. But this whole encounter did make me sad. And now I’ll have to buy donuts on the way home and The Husband will grouch at me because I’m always bringing treats into the house and he’s trying to eat healthy and he has no will power and then we’ll get into a tiff about how he shouldn’t deny HIS CHILD a donut just because he wants only healthy snacks in this house and I’ll probably cry because I’m pregnant and then he will feel guilty and obligated to console me and its all THE OLD LADY’S FAULT.