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It’s the Friday before a three-day weekend. Obviously, that means my productivity and creativity went out the door yesterday around 4:00. That, combined with all of the random thoughts swirling around my head, leads to a blog post with me sharing a few of my (currently) favorite things with you today! Yay! So lucky for you!

7UP – Heads down. Thumbs up. What a great/horrible game. Oh, man. Remember how much you didn’t want the sticky kid to push your thumb down? Poor sticky kids of the world. I hope they’re all very well-off today. And well groomed.

I’ll trade my best friend (Sorry, Al. You understand.) to anyone who buys me this collection. She’s a good listener and stuff. Think it over.

Nail polish – Ahhhh. Obsessed. Before getting engaged, I’d paint my nails sporadically (“I’ll be seeing you.” “I hope not sporadically.” –Clueless reference for you.) Then, once he put a ring on it, everyone naturally wanted to see the ring in all its glory. It wasn’t fair to my gorgeous rock that it was on display on such a boring hand, so I started buying new nail polishes. I quickly fell in love with Essie. OPI is alright, but Essie is my drug of choice. I soon accumulated over 80 nail polishes, and realized a few months ago that I needed to cut way back. Unfortunately for me, that’s when Essie decided to come out with their Poppy Razzi line AND their Summer 2012 line. I neeeeeed them. All of the polishes. On my fingers.

Dice With Buddies – First, Words With Friends swept the world. Then Hanging With Friends. Theeeeen Scramble With Friends. Draw Something is so three months ago. Now, all the cool kids are playing Dice With Buddies aka Yahtzee. Download it. Add me. Let’s do this thang.

Oh, heeeey Colin.

The Client List – Are you watching this Jennifer Love Hewitt show on Lifetime? If not, you should be. First of all, it has Jennifer Love Hewitt in it. If you don’t love her and her bouncy hair and bouncy boo well-toned body (I may have a girl crush. Big deal.), then you have no place reading my blog. For those of you who are left – The premise of the show is that her husband up and left her and their two, elementary-school aged kids. The family was facing foreclosure so Love’s character, Riley, naturally did what any woman with a masseuse license would do – get a job at a rub-and-tug spa. But, cmon. It’s not that bad. It’s a classy rub-and-tug. Owned by Chief Webber’s wife. No? This isn’t some Grey’s Anatomy cross-over thing? Whatevs. I’m still going to call her the Chief’s wife. Not only are all of her clients handsome, but Colin Egglesfield is also on the show, playing her brother-in-law. JLove’s life does not suck.

Marcel the Shell with shoes on – This is an oldie but a goodie. Please consider this my Memorial Day gift to you.