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Monthly Archives: September 2012

For women, having a best friend is a funny thing. Your spouse is the love of your life but a true best friend? She’s your soul mate.

You may have known her since kindergarten or met her your freshman year of college (as I did). She knows the ins and outs of your life almost as well as you do. She knows when to validate you, giving affirmations that you are not acting crazy. She also knows when to drop the sugar coating and tell you to stop acting crazy.

You go to her when you don’t know which pair of shoes matches your dress or which type of cookies you should bake for a family function. You can discuss your favorite tv shows in depth, talking about the characters as if they are personal friends of yours. It doesn’t matter if you spend days together or don’t see each other for months – you’ll never lag in conversation. You talk every day, about everything – your nail polish, job applications, what you’re making for dinner, what happened at your doctor’s appointment.

The ebbs and flows of her life affect yours and vice versa.

She is your best friend. She is your family.

Yesterday, after 35 hours of labor, my best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She lives four hours away from me, so I relied on her other best friend to keep me updated throughout (Thanks, Jen!). This is her first child and, not having any children either, her pregnancy was a learning experience for both of us. She would come home from doctor’s appointments and talk to me about things like amniotic fluid and the stretching of a uterus. She and her husband loved this baby before the pregnancy test even confirmed its existence. You didn’t need to be her best friend to see that in her eyes or hear it in her voice.

She used a website to keep track of the baby’s changes and growth during the pregnancy. At week 14, the baby was the size of a lemon. Week 16 was an avocado and week 17 was an onion. I soon decided that lemon was by far the cutest comparison, and started referring to Baby Moore as Lemon. I told Allee that if Lemon turned out to be a girl, the nickname would stick (I thought it was too cutesy for a boy).

They were anxious to meet their child and their baby must have known it, putting on quite the dramatic show as she entered the world.

Last night as I lay in bed, trying to sleep but as excited as a child on Christmas Eve, my phone rang. I started crying before I even answered it. I couldn’t believe my best friend was now someone’s mommy. Allee didn’t have the easiest of pregnancies or deliveries. She was stronger than I think I would have been and fought through it all, determined to bring a healthy baby into this world. I couldn’t wait to hear if it was a boy or a girl (Her husband and I had pretty much been co-captains on Team Pink. The team didn’t have many members). She gave me all of the details and a picture of their gorgeous daughter, Caroline Grace.

After hanging up for the night, she texted me. “Lemon for life! She’s so cute. You’re Aunt Heather now!”

I can’t wait to meet you, little Lemon.