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pretzelsI’m eating pretzels right now and the problem with that is that I don’t even really LIKE pretzels.

The Husband likes pretzels, and bought some to bring in his lunch to work. Like a good loving thoughtful little wifey, I took the entire bag of pretzels and divided them up (based on serving size) into little sandwich bags and stashed them in our snack drawer, so it’s no fuss for him to grab in the morning and throw into his lunch bag. The problem is that I only do helpful things for him, and like to create as much chaos for myself as possible. Which means that I haven’t pre-bagged any of MY chips or popcorn.

Whhiiiiiiiich means that this morning, when I wanted chips or popcorn, but didn’t want to put the effort into putting chips or popcorn into a baggie, I grabbed a bag of pretzels. And said to myself, “No. It’s fine. You like pretzels just fine.”

But now I’m sitting here, munching on pretzels, telling myself that when I get home today little missy I will most certainly bag up MY snacks. Because I don’t even really LIKE pretzels.

Yet, I continue to eat them.

And I probably won’t bag up my snacks. I can just do it in the morning.

I won’t.

What an informative post this has been.