I recently saw another blog do a Five Things Friday feature. Five things I blank. Five things I last ate. Five books I want to read. You’re smart, Reader. You get it. Because I am out of original ideas today, I’m totally stealing that. I probably will not remember to do it next Friday, so cherish this.

The five last things in my Google image search history

Handsome, no doubt. But just a regular dude.

Handsome, no doubt. But just a regular dude.

1. Ryan Gosling shirtless:

Now, it seems pretty self-explanatory why any woman would want to search this. However, I was doing it to prove my point. Over dinner the other night, as most of our conversations usually go, The Husband and I debated Ryan Gosling’s body. Jason thought he was super cut-up and in-shape, I thought that other than in “Crazy Stupid Love”, he had a pretty average-dude body. Jason was pleasantly surprised to see that I was right. Although attractive, The Gosling is not in super-human shape.

Me to Jason: “Does this make you feel better about yourself? Is this like how I feel when I see Mila Kunis without make-up on??”

2.  Mila Kunis no makeup:

I mean, this search was pretty obvious. If you’re a woman and feeling down on yourself, Google that and instantly feel better. Now, I think Mila is one of the hottest ladies alive. However, without makeup, I don’t think she’s much different than me.

Me: “Well, face-wise, anyways. Face-wise. We’re the same. She still has a smokin’ hot body. Well, actually my boobs are bigger. She has small yabbos. But I bet Max LOVES her yabbos.” (Hocus Pocus reference for those who are unfamiliar)

3.  Mila Kunis yabbos:

Jason: How do you spell “yabbos”? No, Google. That’s Mila Kunis in a sweater. Mila Kunis on a magazine cover. I said yabbos. Yabbos!”

Me: Maybe only Max Denison knows what yabbos means. Maybe Google only knows “boobs”.

4.  Mila Kunis boobs

I’m pretty sure you saw this one coming. This search confirmed that –

Jason: Oh yeah. You’re right. She does have small boobs.

Me: Yeah, but she really loves those little guys. She shows them in every movie. But if I had her body, I’d be naked all the time, too. Good point.

loreal polish swatch5.  L’oreal Now You Sea Me:

Because then the conversation was done and I had to paint my nails and I never commit to a color without first googling a swatch of it.

Five things Friday! The end!