Our adopted daughter and Bumble will hug like this all the time. They'll be best pals.

Our adopted daughter and Bumble will hug like this all the time. They’ll be best pals.

Guys, I need your help with something. The Husband and I have discussed how, someday, we both would like to be in a position where we are able to adopt a child. There are so many children brought into this world and then neglected. Our family has so much love that we would like to share. So, when discussing how we would adopt our child, the conversation goes something like this:

Me: So, we’ll go to the orphanage..

Jason: Nope. That’s not real. I don’t think it’s like a movie.

Me: … so we’ll go to the orphanage and all of the kids will be playing outside on this very run down playground, surrounded by a broken fence…

Jason: Nope.

Me: … and then we’ll look around the playground and there will be this precious little girl in the corner, probably five years old. She has very ratty clothes on and her brown hair is in pigtails, but they’re messed up and the red ribbon holding them together is frayed and falling out. And she will be reading a very old book…

Jason: Right. Because the orphanage doesn’t have new books for her to read.

Me: Right! Now we’re on the same page. So she’s reading a very old book, and the cover is torn, but I think she’s probably reading Little Women. She is very advanced for her age. And one of the other kids throws a ball and it hits her in the head, and she tears up, but she doesn’t cry. She just keeps reading. So then we’ll walk over to the head mistress…

Jason: So we’re in the movie “Annie?”

Heather: … and we tell the mistress we’ll take that one…

Jason: You’re not at an animal shelter. It doesn’t work like that.

Heather: … and, of course, she’ll be shy at first. But we’ll take her home and she’ll take a big bubble bath and she’ll sleep in her bed with fresh sheets and she’ll have a whole library in her room and she can read anything she wants and she chooses one and will come crawl into bed with me and asks me if I can read with her and that’s when we’ll bond.

Jason: …

Heather: So, that sounds like a great plan, right?

Jason: That’s not real life.

Heather: So someday, that’s what will happen, right?

Jason: … Sure.

So, what I need from you, Readers, is just to tell my husband that duh, that’s exactly what adopting a child is like. Probably. Thanks a bunch!

Where I think orphans live

Where I think orphans live