Husband and wife, ya'll!

Husband and wife, ya’ll!

When we got married, I was positive nothing would be different. We had been together nearly five years at that point, and had lived together almost the entire time. Jason truly knew me better than anyone ever had, or ever would. He knew that, even if I went to the bathroom before I get into bed, that without a doubt, I’d have to get up one more time before I fell asleep. He knew I was neurotic. He knew I was impulsive. He knew I was single-minded and short-tempered, ambitious and emotional. Yet still, he wanted to spend his life with me.I knew that he was compassionate and loyal. I knew that he had more patience than any man I had ever known. I knew that he had no problems making a fool of himself in order to get me to laugh. I knew that he was bright and funny and charming. I knew that I wanted to fall asleep next to him every night, as long as we both shall live.

So, in the days leading up to the wedding, we’d both roll our eyes and shake our heads “no”, whenever “well-wishers” asked if we were nervous. Was I nervous I’d trip walking down the aisle? Yup. Was he nervous he’d mess up his vows? Yup. Were we nervous that the food would be bad or that a freak snowstorm would show up? Of course. Was either of us nervous about getting married? Of course not. How would things be any different?

After a year, I can admit that I was wrong (something he knows I rarely do). Things are different. We are husband and wife.

Husband and wife.

I’m still learning what that means.

black and white modern wedding pictureBut so far, I’ve figured out:

  • That if someone gets pissed off, too bad for that guy,‘cause you’re married. Get over it.
  • That when you fill out an In Case of Emergency form, the name you list is your spouse.
  • That if you got pregnant, nobody would be shocked or upset. In fact, they would celebrate.
  • That when you plan a day off from work, you now have to coordinate it with two different employers.
  • That it’s all about compromise, baby. Want to spend time together but want to do different things? Then pop General Hospital on the computer while he plays MLB The Show on the Playstation.

While several things have stayed the same (He is still charming. I am still short-tempered.), our bond and relationship has changed in a way that I had never anticipated.

first dance

Our first dance to Michael Buble’s “Everything”

We have the same last name. We are a family.

Being married means that my beloved is mine and I am his. In good times and in bad. We are each other’s rock, each other’s safe place.

We are a family.

(Because I’m sure you are all as nostalgic as I am, here is a link to some of our wedding video. Please feel free to watch it, swoon and tear up, as I do on a weekly basis.)