facebook red squareThis week, the Supreme Court is deciding whether or not they have a right to prohibit same-sex marriage. In support of same-sex marriage, several users on Facebook have changed their profile picture to a red square with a pink equal sign inside of it. The symbol supports marriage equality.

I’m not changing my profile picture, because I sort of think campaigns like that on Facebook are pointless. Are the-powers-that-be going to be stalkin’ through profiles, trying to determine what the majority of people believe in? Probably not.

However, I am 100% for marriage equality and, this week, have been floored by the number of people in my life (and on my Facebook) who take issue against it.

The reasons I have seen against Proposition 8 are all over the board. Some Catholics chime in that it’s against their religion and shouldn’t be allowed. I know I didn’t grow up under any one umbrella of a religious organization, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I sort of thought that having sex out of wedlock, living in sin and getting divorced were also “against the rules”. Most people I know have no problem doing those things. Weird. Do you go to church every Sunday? To Confession every time you masturbate or take the Lord’s name in vain? Didn’t think so. So I guess what you’re saying is that you treat your religion like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, where all paths lead to a place where it’s ok for YOU to break the rules, but not ok for two men who are in love? Is that what you’re saying? You can just pick and choose what’s convenient for you to follow and where you lay your loyalties? Gotcha.

I’ve also heard “I’m old-fashioned when it comes to things like this.” Things like what, exactly? Two people falling in love and committing their lives to each other? Well, sure. Love is, like, the oldest thing ever. Right? So you’re totally cool with Kim Kardashian getting married and divorced within 72 days (and have no qualms buying magazines that glorify the failed nuptials), but if two women have been in love for over two decades, you think you have the right to look down upon them and deny them the simple act of filing an official certificate with the state, recognizing their devotion to one another?

your high horse“But two women together or two men together cannot procreate.” Guess what. A penis in a vagina doesn’t always guarantee a baby. And I think it’s safe to say that there are enough children in this world waiting to be adopted after being tossed aside by the penis and vagina tag team that created them. These children spend their days dreaming about being brought into a home filled with joy and laughter and affection. You’re telling me that joy and laughter and affection can only exist in a home that contains a husband and a wife?

You’re telling me that a home that is full of abuse and neglect between a husband and wife is allowed, but one where two men or two women love each other is not?

I hope that you enjoy the view you have from the very high horse that you sit upon.

We live in America and the year is 2013. Women were allowed to vote 90+ years ago. 45 years ago, we realized that denying an interracial couple the right to wed was absurd, so we got rid of that, too.

Nearly every one of my peers considers this a non-issue. It will be a travesty if gay couples need to wait another twenty years until my generation is in power and in a position to change things.

Spend a little less time concerned with the lives of others and a little more time focused on your own. THAT’S how you can make this world a better place.

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