Youwouldn’tbeabletofitaflatscreentv. Andthetvwouldbeaboutthisbig. Andyou’dhavetoholdthewire. Andinthepositionyou’dholdthewire,youwouldn’tbeabletoseethetv.

att kid commercial disco meme


My sister and I can’t be the only ones mildly obsessed with this AT&T “Bigger is Better” commercial, right? We have such a love-hate thing going on with it. That kid drives us insane, but we love him. We never want to see this commercial again, but I want it to be on during every commercial break. It’s super annoying to hear the kids say “If it’s big enough, you can have a disco. Oh yeeeeah!” yet Sara and I say it approximately 100 times a day.

Please tell me you feel the same.

This commercial is a pain in the buns.