I don’t get Valentine’s Day. I remember loving it as a child; spending hours (or five minutes) in the grocery store, trying to pick out the best box of Valentine’s cards; meticulously picking through the box, making sure to give my crush the best one; going over to my grandparents’ house to get a Valentine’s Day card which declared that I’m their favorite grandchild with a $5 bill inside. I feel as though this opinion of mine was generated when I hit puberty, out of some sort of pretentious, screw-the-man type teenage angst. But it carried with me into adulthood and was solidified when I met The Husband, as he also shares the same opinion.

Preface: This following paragraph is going to come off as super mushy-gushy-newlyweddy. I apologize. Please note that is NOT my intent. We are not a love-dovey couple. We fight, even. Over dumb crap. Like, who has to change the cat litter. (No pun intended.)

modern wedding bouquet

My favoritest bouquet of flowers, care of Splendid Stems!

The Husband and I don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day and we’re both ok with that. He often brings me home flowers for no reason (and has done so the entire six years we’ve been together). He’ll (mostly) sit through an episode of General Hospital without too much complaining. If I’m at the grocery store getting an after dinner treat, I’ll skip the apple pie (which he doesn’t like) and pick up cinnamon rolls (high up there on his favorite treat list). If he wants to finish a game on the PS3, I (usually) don’t mind trolling Pinterest for nail art. We genuinely like each other, and often do things to demonstrate that.

Why do we need one day a year designated to show the ones you love that you, well, love them?

I would get agita if Jason bought me a box of chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day. For starters, I am NOT a “box of chocolates” girl. I’d much rather have him bring me home a Twix or a couple Kit Kats. Ooo, or chips and dip. And, also – have you seen the price of roses on Valentine’s Day? Outrageous! So, I’d be stressed that he spent so much money on flowers. Flowers that I don’t even like. (You heard me. Ain’t nobody got time for roses. But a nice bouquet of tulips? ::sigh:: If only my favorite florist had her own shop!)

Now, this is not to say that we don’t do a little something for each other on the 14th of February. But that’s the point. Why aren’t people always doing a little something for each other? Why don’t spouses make a daily effort to do something nice for the one you love?

That would take an awfully lot of pressure off of the Big V.D, wouldn’t it?

It’d probably also make Hallmark mad, but that’s their problem.

some e card valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day, husband xo