Mmmm. Fluffalicious cupcakes

Mmmm. Fluffalicious cupcakes

When it comes to getting old, there are plenty of things you I can complain about. Is that one of my highlights or a gray hair? Do I feel achy because of the gym (haven’t gone in a month) or because the weather is cold? And why is a dollar amount which includes a comma coming out of my bank account every month? (Stupid mortgage.)

One thing about getting older that I’m sort of digging? Knowing who I am and owning it.

I am a woman who asks my husband, every.single.night, if he wants to get a treat after dinner (or sometimes, before.)

I am a woman who invents and acts out (well, describes in vivid detail because there’s no way I’m running up a wall. I’m old) lavish ninja moves on a weekly basis.

I am a woman who can’t walk elegantly in high heels.

I am a 27-year-old woman who loves Taylor Swift.

No, thumbs up to YOU, Taylor. For being AWESOME!

No, thumbs up to YOU, Taylor. For being AWESOME!

When it comes to TSwizzle, as The Husband and I like to call her, I believe nearly everyone is firmly planted on one of two sides. You simply love her or you hate her. I haven’t come across many who are like “Oh, Taylor Swift? Eh. She’s ok.”  Me? I looooove me some TSwizzle.


Not only do I love her, but I will bitterly defend her to anyone who lifts their nose up at her.

“She only dates guys so she can break up with them and write a song.”

Oh? Is that the only reason a 20-something would date someone a few times? It couldn’t be that they hung out for a couple months and things weren’t working?

“Everyone knows who she is talking about in her songs.” Is that her fault? (Well, with the exception of “Dear John” but homeboy had that one coming to him.) We live in an age where I literally just looked at a picture and read a blurb about how Mila Kunis seems to love wearing sweatpants and why doesn’t she take more pride in her appearance and try harder when going to a coffee shop or the grocery store? Like, I just read that. Should I care what an actress wears to the grocery store? No. Should you? No. Did I still click the link? Yup. Did the writers of the “article” still judge her? Yup. That’s 2013, loveys. There is a mass obsession with celebrities. What they wear. Where they wear it. Who they are dating. Is it Taylor’s fault that paparazzi follow her every move and cover every date? No. So should she be penalized for behaving like a normal 20-something? I don’t believe so.

If Carly Simon wrote “You’re So Vain” today, there would be no bets over who the song was about. We would know.

In “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” she sings a line that I love. (Speaking to the boy she is fighting with) “And you’ll hide away and find your piece of mind with some indie record that’s muuuuch cooler than mine.”

Is liking Taylor Swift lame because she’s so mainstream and not some tiny, indie-rock group? I don’t care. If it’s lame to like Taylor Swift, then call me … um … Captain Lame-o. If loving her is red, then, um, I don’t want to be … not red. (Cut me some slack. I’m recovering from the flu.)

Plus, she has pretty hair.

Plus, she has pretty hair.