wizard of oz collector's barbiesI’ve wrote about this before, but my sister and I loved Wizard of Oz growing up. I was maybe 6 or 7 when my grandparents and aunts bought me the Wizard of Oz 50th Anniversary collectors set Barbie dolls for my birthday. Now, I may have been young, but I knew that collector’s editions were nothing to mess around with.

I would take Dorothy and her gang CAREFULLY out of their boxes, look at them and put them back. I would NEVER dream of taking them into the bathtub, like I did with Skipper. Dorothy was too good to consort with the likes of Barbie, never riding in the pink convertible. And she wouldn’t be caught dead in the dream house with Ken. No, my Wizard of Oz dolls stayed in their boxes, on a literal pedestal in my bedroom (Ok, it was my dresser. But pedestal sounded better.) They were to be cherished, not to be played with.

And there they stayed, until my 4-year-old sister got her hands on them.

I came home from school to find the destruction. I walked into my room to find that nobody from Oz – or Kansas – was in their rightful box. **The Lion’s red badge of courage was on the floor. Scarecrow’s diploma? Torn in half. I walked further into the room and found Tinman. Poor Tinman. His silver face was now covered in green Crayola marker and he was wearing Glinda’s crown.

wizard of oz barbiesAnd then – then I found Dorothy. Her hair, which used to be two soft braids held together by blue checkered fabric, was now a snarly, knotted mess. Her face had also met the same destruction as Tinman’s – destroyed by my very own green Crayola marker.

I sobbed.

And then I proceeded to hold a grudge against my sister for twenty years.

On Christmas Day this year, I opened a large box from Sara. Inside, on top of tissue paper, was a note. “I hope that now you can forgive me for ruining your original ones.”

I started crying.

I knew what was inside.

Apparently, she has been scouring the internet for years, looking for the set. Not that bad of a sister, I guess.

** Some details of this event have been fabricated in my imagination over time. However, Sara DID take all of the dolls out of their box, ruin their hair, color them with green marker and thereby ensured that she would be the recipient of my longest grudge to date.