In a NyQuil induced state last night (Who gets sick in July? Seriously!), I asked Jason the following questions about butterflies:

Do you think their wings get tired when they fly too much?

Do they have lungs?

One of my (many) favorite things about our relationship is that when I ask The Husband any series of absurd questions, regardless of my over the counter medication intake, he never pauses and answers them to the best of his knowledge. He never questions why I am questioning anything. He doesn’t (usually) ask what train of thought led me to where we ended up, or why I thought I should share it out loud with him. We’re married. We’re one cohesive unit. If something is on my mind, then surely it is weighing on his, too I tell myself.

Conversations like this are more the norm than not. (This is not verbatim, but it’s how I remember it. Mostly. Jason, you can feel free to jump in here to correct anything.)

Heather: Do butterfly wings get tired if they fly too much?

Jason: Do your lungs get tired when you breathe too much? No. It’s just what they’re supposed to do. Their wings are supposed to do that.

Heather: Yes, when I’m sick they do. Also, my legs are supposed to walk me but if I walk too much then, yes, they get tired.

Jason: Ok.

Heather: Ok, what? Ok their wings get tired?

Jason: ::snoring::

Heather: Jase, wake up. I have another question about butterflies. Jason? Jason?

Jason: Whaaat?

Heather: Do butterflies have lungs?

Jason: Yeah, I think. Probably. It’s a living thing. Every living thing has lungs, I think. Or gils.

Heather: I don’t think they do. I don’t think they have lungs like a human. Or like dogs.

Jason: ::Tries to roll me over and trick me into going to sleep by cuddling with me. After five years, he should have known that wouldn’t work.::

Heather: Do butterflies have organs like humans? Like, do they have a liver?

Jason: I don’t think so.

Heather: Do they have kidneys? Do butterflies have a pancreas?

Jason: You’re naming all useless organs.

Heather: What does that mean? Useless?

Jason: That humans could live without them, so why would butterflies need them?

Heather: But do they have them? I don’t think they do. Jase, are you awake? Jason? I don’t think butterflies have the same stuff inside them as people or animals. I don’t think they have lungs, even though they’re alive and have to fly fast. And their wings probably get tired so they need to rest and regain their strength, but not catch their breath because I don’t think they have lungs. Jase?

Jason: ::snoring::

At this point, I let it go and decided to take advantage of the only good part of being sick – the peaceful, drug induced sleep.

So, for you folks wondering at home, I did some research. Butterflies do NOT have lungs. Insects breathe through a simple, passive respiration. What does that mean, you ask? Well, let me enlighten you.

Butterflies have series of small pores on either side of the abdomen, called spiracles, that are used to draw in oxygen. Inside, a series of tracheal tubes channel the air to different parts of the body.

I can’t find an internal picture of a female butterfly, and I need to know what’s different (Other than the obvious lack of a wiener.)

Also, more great news. Butterflies have TWO hearts. No kidneys or livers.

That information comes from and everyone knows that if something is “.org” then it’s legit.

So, there’s your Reading Rainbow moment of the day. You’re welcome.

Ps- Guys, I’m still siiiiiiick.