Drunk and overwhelmed by the size (thatswhatshesaid) on my 25th birthday.

I just read this article on Friday Puppy (For those in the Capital region, surely you follow Matt Baumgartner’s hilarious blog. If not, well, at least you go to Bomber’s for your free birthday margarita. If not – what is wrong with you? Find another blog to read. You don’t belong here.).

Anyways, the article is titled “So you wanna drive an ice cream truck” and is a list of ten helpful hints from a former ice cream truck driver, Matt himself. I tried picking a favorite tip to share with you, but they are all hilarious, so I will just give you a sample.

My sister, drunk and overwhelmed by a smaller-scale margarita at Bombers.

6.   Some towns require a daily permit to be a “vendor”.  So every day, I had to go into the Scotia town hall and buy the permit.  And every day they acted like it was my first time walking in there.

“How can we help you?”

‘Delorores, it’s me.  I need another permit.”

“A permit for……..”.

“What do you think, Delores?  I’m wearing an all white paper hat.  I have ice cream stains on my thighs. You see my big stupid truck outside.”

Go read the article. Then leave work and go to Bombers for happy hour. Its hot out and a frozen mango margarita is calling your name. Or is that “Heather” its saying?