Awards shows are my jam (I’m not really sure where that term comes from, but I’m into it today and want to try to incorporate it into my daily vernacular. I would like to meet the jelly enthusiast who coined the term.) The Emmys are my very favorite.  I like that they are typically tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at the whole institution of awards shows.  Example – When somebody gets called on stage to accept an award, the voice-over announcer will usually say something like “This is Julie Bowen’s second Emmy nomination and first win. She was previously nominated for ‘Ed’”. One of the many reasons I love the Emmys is for their offbeat epithets. The announcer said something along the lines of “This is Julie’s first win. Julie has a degree in Italian Renaissance Art if this acting thing doesn’t work out.”

Since being a fan of something immediately makes you an authority, I’d like to present you the winners and losers (in my book) of last night.

Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen


Modern Family.  After sweeping up the first 4 Emmys of the night, host Jane Lynch came back from commercial break welcoming the audience to “The Modern Family Awards”.  Deservingly so.  When I find people out there who have never watched Modern Family, I harp and nag them for days, begging, demanding that they watch an episode.  The writing is quick and smart, yet relatable.  When the entire (adult) cast is nominated in supporting roles that certainly says something about the talent you have.  Julie Bowen’s straight-man schtick to Ty Burrell’s physical comedy is one of the funniest combinations in television. If you’ve never watched, I dare you to turn it on and then come back here and tell me why you don’t like it (and I’ll tell you how wrong you are).


Glee.  I’ve watched every episode of Glee since the pilot, so I can’t be accused of jumping on and off the bandwagon as public opinion changes.  Naysayers rip the show apart for its lack of character building or plot line formation.  The thing is, Glee is about song and dance first, plot line second.  Do the actors look like 25 year olds playing 16? Yes. Did the powers-that-be do that on purpose? Yes. And fans are in on the joke. With that being said, my problem last season was the random selection of which characters would have “meaningful stories” and how those stories were built.  There was a whole, cheeky episode about how Rachel wants to get a nose job. And, in the next breath, a “serious” episode about bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.  Chris Colfer is no doubt excellent in his role as Kurt Hummel, a teenager dealing with the aftermath and confusion of coming out of the closet.  In one moment, Colfer wears Kurt’s teenage vulnerability on his Alexander McQueen sleeve and, in the next, is brave and assertive, standing up for himself and those who are afraid to speak up.  Should he have won the Supporting Actor in a Comedy Emmy? No.  Nothing Colfer did was funny last season, as the writers at Glee tried to turn every scene with Kurt into a contender for a Best Picture Oscar.  I’m not saying drama has no place in comedy. I just wish the writers and producers at Glee would be a bit more consistent.


Kate Winslet. In my book, she can do no wrong. Not only did she literally win an Emmy for her work in Mildred’s Place, but she definitely won as one of the best dressed, looking phenomenal in a red Elie Saab gown. I want to be her friend.

Jane Krakowski: Um did she or did she not just have a baby? Because she was ROCKING her (J. Mendel Mica) form-fitting silver gown. I love love loved the brooch. And, while she was a bit bronzed, that deep yet sophisticated neckline made up for it.

Emily Blunt: She also donned an Elie Saab gown, but this one was midnight blue, with all sorts of tulle and a plunging neckline. She was also wearing one of my very favorite accessories – John Krasinski on her arm. He is swoon-worthy.


Gwen Paltrow:  Really? You’re going to bare your mid-drift on the red carpet? I get that you have a fabulous, jealousy-inducing body.  I know that you like to go for that hippieish, au-natural feel, but do something with your hair. The whole thing bugged me.

Christina Hendricks:  I know several people put her on the best dressed list.  Here is my problem – You’re “curvy”. We get it, Christina. You’ve got some nice boobies.  Must they always be on display? The bejeweled dress itself was fantastic.  Her hair? Perfect. But next time, do something shocking and DON’T have viewers wondering if and when you are going to have a nip-slip.

Jayma Mays: Remember the Cupcake Dolls from the 90s?  If so, then “Sugar” was obviously the look Jayma was going for. Blech.


Julianna Margulies: A lamp shade? A futuristic domenatrix outfit? Glad plug-in? What the heck is she wearing?

*My knowledge of fashion goes little beyond “pretty” and “not pretty’.


Jane Lynch: She did what she could with the opening act which was presented to her.  And whenever she improvised (her joke about Modern Family and saying that she wanted to say something about Katie Holmes but her husband scared her), she was very funny.


Jane Lynch:  That opening act! Oy! Yes, Neil Patrick Harris was hilarious with his song and dance when he opened and hosted the show in ’09.  And Lynch is on Glee, which is all about the song and dance (see previous).  Was it necessary for her to bring a little Broadway sass to the show? Probably not.  Was it the obvious choice for an opening? Yes.

 Overall, I thought it was a solid show.  The acceptance speeches were all kept pretty short, most of them pretty funny, or at least worthy of a smirk or two. The ladies were pretty, the fellas handsome. Also, I took some questionable allergy medicine about an hour into the show.  So, that probably helped me enjoy it.

Did you watch? What did you think? Best dressed? Worst?