1. Stop making movies about eternal vampire love and reality shows glorifying teenage pregnancy.  I think we may be sending the wrong messages to our youth. 
  2. Do not continue doing road work in Watervliet. I’m not a mechanic, but I don’t believe 2010’s little year-long construction projects were good for my car’s alignment. Or my patience.
  3. Keep making phones with actual keyboards. I know I’m only 25, and should be into the whole techy-touch screen scene, but I’m not. I just like what I like and what I like is my Blackberry with a keyboard.
  4. Continue posting calorie counts on restaurant menus.  I understand that some people say that if they are going out to eat, they want to have a good time and don’t want to feel guilty.  However, if I already plan on ordering a fried buffalo chicken sandwich with cheese and slathered in dressing, with fries, I WANT to be reminded that, although delicious, those mozzarella sticks are another 800 calories.
  5. Don’t interrupt my previously scheduled programming because you think a little boy may be trapped in a balloon, flying away Oz style.
  6. Take a moment and make an executive decision as to whether or not a “celebrity” truly warrants an autobiography or memoir.  Portia surviving on 300 calories a day, despite her family’s desperate pleas for her to get help? Interesting. Snooki writing … whatever it is that she writes about (or gives a vague story idea to a ghost writer who goes home and drinks themselves to sleep because they can’t believe that this is what their life has come to)? Not interesting. Don’t let junk like that clutter up Target’s always-pretty book section.
  7. Think it over before creating another medical or criminal drama.  Please note that mixing them together doesn’t count as a new genre.
  8. Euthanize American Idol, and let it slip away slowly into the night, with as much grace as it can muster.  Say Paula is crazy all you want, but she was smart enough to jump ship two seasons ago.
  9. Go ahead and let as many A-listers as possible make an appearance on Glee. I forgot about Gwyneth Paltrow up until her appearance. Although that would probably bum her out (my opinion is obviously high up on her list of important things), I bet it feels nice for her to have a hit song on iTunes.
  10. Oh .. and global peace, end famine and all that stuff.