Mark S. Luckie recently wrote of a new phenomenon taking over the web and social media.  He writes:

Faces in the crowd are no longer just faces. Photo tagging allows people to identify themselves and others in a photo and the technology is starting to catch on as a tool for journalism. Sites like Facebook and Flickr have offered tagging options for some time, which means many readers already know why and how to use tagging.

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While tagging a photo of yourself or  friend is nothing new, the idea behind mass tagging is.  Sites like are now posting pictures of crowds and allowing viewers to tag themselves. While the people at the event think this is a cool option, I think it presents great opportunity for journalists.

Looking to interview someone who was witnessed the last at-bat at this year’s World Series, and was present when the San Francisco Giants took America by surprise when they won the coveted title? With thousands of people tagging themselves on the photos posted, it would be very easy for a journalist to connect with a few different interview subjects.

I’m torn on this.  Personally, I don’t think I would “mass tag” myself in a photo.  Having everyone know I was at an event and where exactly I was at the event is a little too “Big Brother” for me.  However, I think the opportunities for a journalist are endless.  Although now it seems that people are only mass tagging on “fun” pictures (being out at a ball game, or a concert) how long will it be until pictures are being pulled off newspaper sites, being tagged?