Arial. Times New Roman. Verdana. Luicida Sans. Tahoma. Courier. Curlz. Comic Sans.

Chances are, you know those are font names.  I grew up in a time where computers were always prevalent in my day to day life. If someone asked me to list off fonts, I could probably drop twenty names without pausing to think.  My font of choice has always been Comic Sans size 8. It’s round and soft, without the harshness of Times New Roman.  It’s small without looking text book, the way Arial looks when you size it down.  It’s not as cute as Curlz.  Not as type-face as Courier. But change the size to anything bigger, and you’ve got a problem on your hands – a completely different looking font.  It adorns invitations and flyers of all types.  It resembles a child’s handwriting.  And, apparently, is offensive to some.

Today the BBC posted an article featuring . You can read the full article here.  How do you feel? Personally, I think the husband and wife team behind the site could find a better cause to fight on behalf of.