It’s pretty common knowledge that trying to get an 18 – 24 year old to pick up an actual, good old-fashioned newspaper and read is near impossible. With the internet, most young people don’t feel the need or have the patience to sit down and read.  France is trying to combat that.  The French Ministry for Culture and Communication launched a program in October of last year, offering a free copy, once a week, of a daily paper to the previously mentioned age demographic.  The young adults get to pick the paper they want, and receive a copy once a week for a year. Although only 6% of the eligible age group registered, the ministry still sees the program as an exceptional success.

I would love if America instituted a program like this (although, I turned 25 in August and would now miss out).  I love reading the Sunday New York Times.  But at $6 a pop, that adds up.  While most information is available online, I usually opt to read that (although I miss out on my favorite section, Arts and Entertainment). At a cost of $15million pounds, or approximately $24 million, I don’t think America would ever go for it.