I really think the feminists should spend their time and energy pursuing a cause that matters.  Complaining about Mattel releasing News Anchor Barbie really shouldn’t be very high on their list of concerns.

My mother grew up playing with Barbies.  My sister and I grew up playing with Barbies.  We are both well educated, well-rounded women.  Neither of us grew up wishing we had mis-proportioned hips.  We didn’t dye our hair bleach blond.  My first car was not a pink corvette, and that was not a problem for me.

However, Barbie did leave me with some insight to life.  You can have a husband, a baby, a dream house AND whichever job you like.  If you want to be a nurse, you can be that.  If you want to be a teacher (and subsequently teach your never aging little sister, Skipper, year after year) then go for it. 

In his post, Joe Grimm seems to agree with that.  His concerns about the Barbie are the same as mine.  Why so much hooplah about a toy journalist, but nobody bothered by the fact that the number of women journalists in a newsroom is only a little over 36% of the actual workers?  Shouldn’t all of the sign wavers and speaker-uppers be a bit concerned with that?  Sexism in the workplace?  In 2010?

Mattel is creating the Barbie because little girls voted on it.  They want to see women in the newsroom.  What about the rest of the world?