Here they go again. Only this time, they brought their dogs. On Monday, the musical group Ok Go released the video for their newest single, “White Knuckles”.  Famously known for their (seemingly) one cut, one take productions, the group did not disappoint viewers with their canine choreographed creation.

In an era of flashy technology and digitally enhanced graphics, its refreshing to see the group has stayed true to form, making music videos that are both simple and elaborate at the same time.  The band first started off with a video choreographed by one the band member’s sister (and appearing more like a cheeky, cheerleader halftime show).  They are best known for the synchronized dance routine performed on moving treadmills for their song “Here It Goes”.

The “White Knuckles” video is filmed much of the same way – seemingly one take, stationary camera with the only movement in the scene coming from the band members and various objects they move.  This time, instead of treadmills, their prop of choice is man’s best friend.