Since I first saw this story on the Today show, I’ve seen it all over the internet.  A 6-year-old in Detroit was kicked off her cheerleading squad when her mother complained about the lyrics in a cheer.  The mother of  first grader Kennedy, Jennifer Tesch, wasn’t very keen on her daughter saying “Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right!”.  Tescher spoke to the cheerleading coach, voicing her concerns that the cheer was a bit provocative for such young girls.  Having been a cheerleading coach for several years herself, she offered several different revisions of the cheer.  apparently, the coach and the squad’s general manager didn’t like what they heard. 

Trying to find support in her peers, Tresch voiced her concerns to other parents.  According to Tresch, nobody had her back.  No other parents seemed to have a problem with their six-year olds talking about their tight skirts and aching backs.  They subsequently voted little Kennedy off of the squad.  It’s said that she can return next season, if she wishes.

Personally, I would have been all over that cheer as well. In my opinion, it’s a completely inappropriate chant for six year olds to say.  I also think that if I were in the coaches shoes, regardless of how I felt about the cheer, if I had a parent upset, I would work with them to remedy the situation.  It makes me wonder what else had been going on prior to this.  Does something that trivial merit nationwide coverage?

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